Features Overview

What features do you need for an effective enterprise content management solution?

You need affordable document and content management software that is so easy to install and use that you can rapidly deploy it in one department, or across your entire enterprise, without costly on-site assistance.

Users should be able to use their browser to search and view documents so little or no end-user training is needed for those users.

There should be no charge for these search users or seats.

You should be able to instantly image-enable your accounting, ERP, GIS or other applications, so you can search and view your documents directly from any software application.

The solution should be fully scalable, so it can be deployed in one department, or enterprise-wide.

The solution should be hardware independent, so you can use the scanners and MFP copiers of your choice, procured from your favorite hardware vendors or manufacturers.

You should be able to scan, OCR, index, search and protect documents, and optionally route both paper documents and Microsoft Office documents to different departments or individuals.

Indexing is the optional assignment of fields, such as document type, date, and customer name.

You should be able to automatically index and route documents using barcodes, Zone OCR, or reading the fields from other computer applications.

SearchExpress provides these and many other important capabilities.

For more of the features you need for an effective enterprise content management solution, choose a feature from the "Features" Table of Contents at the upper right.

You can choose from three versions of SearchExpress, one that uses Microsoft SQL for the document database, one that uses our own SearchExpress database, and one that uses Microsoft SharePoint for the document database and repository.


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