Geolocation and Geo-fencing

SearchExpress Features

What It's Used For

SearchExpress Document Management geolocation searching lets you search based on proximity to a geolocation.

Use geolocation search to quickly find all planning, law enforcement, zoning, engineering and delivery documents and data for any physical location.

For example, a water utility worker could go to the location of a broken water pipe, and use their iPad to do a SearchExpress search, and SearchExpress would use their GPS location to find the name of people who live near the water pipe, or are served by it.

You can use Geo-fencing to restrict access to documents to those documents specified for a certain geographical location.

For example, you could specify that your New York City salesperson Sierra Lewis can see only documents relevant to her New York City territory.

Geolocation Usage

A fire department could search based on geolocation, and see just the fire hydrants in that geolocation.

For a 911 call, SearchExpress could instantly find the names of the people living at that location, and show previous arrest records, medical history, etc., for these people.

An electric utility could find the location of their poles and lines.

SearchExpress can use the geolocation to display on an iPad all the deliveries to be made within N miles of the current location of the package delivery driver, and the driver can let the package recipient sign their name on the iPad with their finger, using SearchExpress eForms, to acknowledge receipt of the package.

A company could use SearchExpress to provide a Yelp type search from iPhone, to find reviews of Mexican restaurants near your current location.

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