SearchExpress is helping enterprises of all sizes save money, including:

  • Doctor's offices

  • Financial planners

  • Banks

  • Engineering companies

  • Mortgage companies

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Trucking companies

  • Builders

  • Substance abuse centers

  • CPA firms

  • Law firms

  • HVAC contractors

  • Alarm system companies

  • Limestone quarries

  • Plumbers

  • Blood banks

  • Service bureaus

  • Beauty and Barber Schools

  • Insurance companies

  • Staffing companies

  • Career Training Colleges

  • Airlines

Public sector clients include:

  • City of Conroe, TX

  • City of Lighthouse Point, FL

  • City of Oakridge, TN

  • Clayton County GA Schools

  • Copiah Lincoln College

  • Homestead National Monument

  • National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

  • State Of CT - Dept. of Labor

  • Picatinny Arsenal

  • Richmond Public Schools

  • University of Texas-Austin

  • US Army Hospital Landstuhl Germany

  • Williams County ND

Customer Testimonials

"Great product. Really enjoying the time savings!"

Daniel Abitboul
Bonanza Trade & Supply

One Stop Supplier for the Stone Trade.

"Our company, American Sleep Association, was looking initially for software that could scan and store our medical files then retrieve these files by searching by the customer's name and phone number. The software did this with a breeze.

We then sought the software to integrate with our medical billing software. This software did this with a breeze. We then sought the software to read barcodes on our forms and parse the different forms based on the different barcodes on each form. Once again, the software did this with a breeze. Every time we dream of another way to use the software, the software handled it with a breeze.

If you are looking for software that is easy to setup and can perform every function you can dream of, SearchExpress is the software for you and your company."

Ryan Gregerson
American Sleep Association

Oral appliance manufacturer in California.

"SearchExpress not only does everything we want and need from a document management software program but it does it for significantly less money than what our current EMR vendor was offering.

But at any price, the service and support we have received from SearchExpress has been beyond our wildest dreams. I only have one other vendor that comes close to taking care of us like SearchExpress does. Our CEO has said repeatedly that he wishes SearchExpress had more software we could buy."

Danny B. Powell
Network & Computer Systems Administrator
A Pineywoods Home Health Care, Inc.

Fifteen-facility Texas home health care provider.

"We have completed our deployment of SearchExpress and the capabilities of the software have exceeded our expectations. Our company has been using an expensive competitorís product for the past 10 years and the annual maintenance cost of their software is more costly than the amount of money we spent to purchase SearchExpress."

"By utilizing the ODBC lookup capability with data from our ERP system, we have reduced our scanning department by 40% and improved the accuracy of the indexes."

"Even with the reduced staff, we have added addition applications for scanning due to the flexibility and speed of setting up new databases. In the past, we had to contact the vendor and pay them expensive consulting fees to program the index structure. Now Iím able to set them up in a matter of minutes."

"I also want to thank you for the excellent technical support we received during our setup process. You and your staff were very helpful and just as important, very timely in assisting us with our setup issues. It certainly made for a smooth transition to SearchExpress."

Larry R. Fordham
Vice President Ė Information Technology
Waxman Consumer Products Group
Cleveland, Ohio

"As a Health Provider using an (EMR) Electronic Medical Record and billing system we are using SearchExpress for quick searching of EOBís (Explanations of Benefits). These are standard documents that are auto indexed. This means we have one user scanning hundreds of documents in 10-15 minutes."

"Our insurance team it has increased their productivity by at least 30% since they no longer searching manually for these documents. Training for the end user was wonderfully simple and non-techy. As an IT professional, we choose the SQL version which was straight forward to install, with about three technical calls made to support for tweaks to the scanner settings. After using the product for a year, I havenít looked back except to see if itís backing up properly. The software has been a perfect painless addition to our systems."

Trish Thiedek
IT Manager
Alexandria Clinic
Alexandria, MN

"As a financial services company we are very adamant about reliability of the systems we use. Our in-house document imaging project was no exception. After a careful review of several document imaging and management solutions we chose SearchExpress for our document needs. We have been using SearchExpress for over ten years and we have been impressed by both the ease of use and the ability to customize it to fit our needs. In addition, SearchExpress has provided us with great technical support."

Genny Nikolova
Project Manager
Global Express Financial Services
Silver Spring, MD

"Itís all going very well.

By all means use our details as a reference.

We scan several different types of documents, workshop job cards, log books, vehicle MOT certificates, customer deal pack and purchase ledger invoices."

Sean Booth
Managing Director
Parkway Volkswagen
United Kingdom

"From the very beginning (five years later) Search Express software has exceeded our expectations in managing of our aircraft maintenance records. Very prompt with their customer service in getting us back on track.

Extremely helpful in teaching us the fine points of virtual scanning and OCR functions of software.

Scanning 1.5 million images a year with a proven software such as Search Express has given us piece of mind in a highly regulatory field knowing our records are safe and easy to retrieve.

Excellent document management software for maintaining aircraft maintenance records for any airline large or small."

Dave Johnson
Manager Aircraft Records
Compass Airlines LLC.
Minneapolis, MN

"Wonderful product and great customer service!"

"Several departments use this software daily. A variety of documents are scanned ranging from daily mail/correspondence to contracts/insurance. Those departments that deal with a lot of paper use SearchExpress to avoid having to file/store the paper.

Others scan filed/stored documents because the software allows the user instant access and users can avoid searching through boxes for documentation that has been physically archived.

The ability to create databases unique to the item(s) scanned is helpful. Users are very proactive in developing new databases.

The tech support and service of this software is exceptional!"

Diocese of Helena

"In today's lean run offices the scanning of documents for archiving and document management is probably one of most requested features today on MFP's."

"The software to manage those scanned documents is the most important "link" and it gets overlooked almost every time. (I call that money left on the table)."

"It seems most office managers understand the value of creating a text searchable data base that can be accessed from virtually anywhere by a few clicks of the mouse rather than having multiple paid persons on staff searching filing cabinets, looking in boxes or worse yet searching in one of those small out buildings out behind the office in an old bankers box."

"And talk about disaster recovery made simple! (A subject totally over looked by most copier dealers!) SearchExpress is the absolute simplest document storage and retrieval system I have ever used and it is fully customizable to each customers unique needs."

"That's not something you can get at any price, even with some of the really high priced "canned software" packages."

"And I should know because we scanned all our customer files and created a database with all our contract customers several years ago and have been using SearchExpress ourselves ever since. I use the OCR feature almost every single day."

"When I show a customer how easy SearchExpress works for us, and how simple it is to use they are simply amazed and usually their next words are "I want that...I really need that!"

Walter Huffman
Kyocera Copier Dealer
Imaging Supplies Co. Inc.

"I am happy with the product and functionality. I would be a fine reference."

Jennifer Vandivort
Sr. Accountant
La Posada

Continuing Care Retirement Community in Arizona with Assisted living and Independent Living.

"SearchExpress not only simplified our billing processes, it has been instrumental in a complete revision of our Foundationís record retention requirements. SearchExpress is serving MHSFI very well."

Hal Cutlip
Facility Manager
Methodist Health System Foundation, Inc.
Slidell, LA

"As an independent telephone company which relies on circuit information from other companies we used to have two huge filing cabinets with paper circuit records, and finding what we needed was almost impossible. Now we scan the documents and can search online for any identifier and pull up all information about a circuit. Our repair time as been dramatically reduced on circuits including FAA and 911 emergency circuits. This is one of the best investments we have ever made."

Kevin Arthur
Network Operations Manager
CentraCom Interactive
Fairview, UT

"Of all vendor relationships, our SearchExpress experience ranks number one. We recommend without reservation".

Jim Clayton
CEO of Clayton Bank
Self-made Billionaire
Knoxville, Tennessee

"Let me tell you.. SearchExpress has been flawless. It has saved hundreds of thousands of copies, and improved service time to our clients (students) by 1000%.

Without exaggerating, we have saved hundreds of man hours. Better service, more efficient, and better long term structure. What more could we want?"

Michael L. Peterson
Director of Business Services
Trinity Law School
Trinity International University
Santa Ana CA

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