Affordable Medical Document Management

Scan, index, workflow, annotate and search EOB's, pathology reports, invoices and other documents.

SearchExpress Features

What's It Do?

SearchExpress is used by medical billing services and practice management companies to scan, annotate, workflow and search EOB's, A/P invoices and other documents.

For paper EOB's, superbills, A/P invoices and other documents, SearchExpress lets you use a scanner or MFP copier to scan.

You save emails, Word and other Office documents directly to SearchExpress, without printing or scanning them, by using a Save-to-SearchExpress menu item in Outlook and Office.

Machine Learning

For invoices and forms, including paper and emailed documents, SearchExpress trains itself, as you enter data, to automate Zone OCR training.

Make Documents Omnipresent

In addition to searching from your desktop PC, you can search from your iPad, iPhone or Android.

With SearchExpress, there is no more time-consuming sifting and browsing through either physical or computer files and folders to find what you are looking for.

You just search and instantly find a document. Then, if you need to email, fax, or print a document, it's a click of your mouse.

You can also route documents to different employees, for business process automation, such as approval of A/P invoices.

SearchExpress is proven document management software that is so easy to install and use that you can rapidly deploy it in your organization, without costly on-site assistance.

SearchExpress has password security, encryption and other security features for HIPAA compliance.

There is also a HIPAA audit module. This is a searchable database which lists, for all employees, each document they have viewed, and each search they have performed. You can search this audit database by employee, patient, or document.

What our customers are saying

"We are beginning our fourth year using Executive Technologies’ SearchExpress imaging software to manage our medical billing services. "SearchExpress not only simplified our billing processes, it has been instrumental in a complete revision of our Foundation’s record retention requirements. SearchExpress is serving MHSFI very well."

Hal Cutlip, Facility Manager
Methodist Health System Foundation, Inc.
Slidell, LA

Find Out More

Here's How SearchExpress/Medical Document Management Works:

  • You scan the doctor's paper EOB's, AP invoices and other documents, using a scanner or MFP copier.
  • Or, you can let the doctor's offices scan their own documents, over the Internet, to your site.
  • The doctor's office can search documents from your site, over the Internet, if you want them to.
  • You import emailed, faxed and other electronic EOB's without scanning them.
  • For both scanned and electronic EOB's, SearchExpress performs optical character recognition (OCR) of the EOB's, and uses the OCR text as an index to let you search your EOB's.
  • The documents are stored in a searchable database, at your site.
  • You search the EOB's and other documents by the patient name, procedure code, date range or any word or phrase in the document.
  • And, when viewing a page, the patient name, claim number or other search words are highlighted on the page, so your eyes are drawn directly to what you are looking for.
  • If you need to email, print or fax EOB information for one patient, you can electronically "black out" or "white out" (redact) the other patients on the page. Yes, you can finally throw away those black markers!
  • You can burn each doctor's documents to CD, and include a free copy of the search engine on the CD, so the doctors can search their documents from CD, if the doctor leaves the practice or your service.

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