Invoice Approval Software

SearchExpress Document Management is used to capture, OCR, approve and search invoices.

SearchExpress Features

What's It Used For

SearchExpress Document Management lets you capture your emailed invoices and scan your paper invoices.

SearchExpress can route invoices to different managers for approval.

The managers can use their browser or a smartphone app to approve the invoices.

The managers can enter comments and cost codes when they approve an invoice.

Artificial Intelligence

SearchExpress can use OCR and AI to automatically extract data from invoices, with no training needed, and the data can be uploaded to your ERP system.

Smartphone Receipt and Approval Apps

Use our Smartphone Receipt App to take a photo of receipt, and Merchant Name, Dollar Amount, Tax and line items are automatically populated by Microsoft and Google AI and the receipt data uploaded to your ERP system.

Use another one of our Apps, our Smartphone Approval App, to approve invoices and receipts.


"SearchExpress features exceed those of the high-priced alternatives and with friendly and supportive service it is easy to put in production.

"SearchExpress is a great application for capturing and approving invoices.”

Steve Davenport, Project Manager
Randstad Professionals, US
Wakefield, MA

Randstad is the second largest staffing firm in the world.

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Here's One Way SearchExpress Can Work

OCR Invoice Scanning Software

  • SearchExpress can use OCR and both Microsoft and Google AI to automatically extract data from invoices, with no training needed. The data can be passed to your ERP system.
  • This includes invoice data such as Invoice Number, Date and Vendor Name, as well as line-item data, such as Product, Unit Price, and Quantity.
  • This can eliminate all manual invoice data entry.
  • Capture invoices using PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Capture emailed invoices from Outlook, Gmail, Office 365 and other sources.
  • Scan and OCR invoices received by mail.
  • Drag and drop invoices you download from vendors.
  • Use a SearchExpress smartphone app to capture documents, such as receipts.
  • Use a smartphone app to approve invoices.
  • Use SearchExpress eForms to generate purchase requisitions and purchase orders.

Invoice Approval Software

  • You can workflow (route) invoices and purchase requisitions to different managers for approval, by choosing the manager's name from a pick list.
  • The managers can use a SearchExpress smartphone app to approve the invoices.
  • Or, the managers can use their web browser to see an approval workflow "inbasket" of all invoices that await their approval.
  • Or, each manager can automatically be sent an email for each invoice, and approve the invoice from their PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • The managers can indicate their approval by clicking the Approved button after reviewing the invoice. They could also enter comments and one or more cost codes.
  • SearchExpress can share data with your AP, billing and other systems. For example, when you pay an invoice, SearchExpress can read the Date Paid and Check Number from your A/P database and write this data to the SearchExpress database.


  • You can view your invoices directly from your A/P software, including Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and Quickbooks. Just highlight the invoice number to display the captured invoice.
  • Or, you can use your browser to search by invoice number, date, check number, or other identifying information.
  • Approved can be stamped on the image of fully-approved invoices.
  • You can make notes on invoices.
  • Click a button to see all related documents, such as receiving report, PO and canceled check.


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