Easy Manufacturing Document Management

Workflow, track and search documents and products, including paper and digital files as well as products being manufactured.

SearchExpress Features

Customer Testimonial

"We have completed our deployment of SearchExpress and the capabilities of the software have exceeded our expectations. Our company has been using an expensive competitor’s product for the past 10 years and the annual maintenance cost of their software is more costly than the amount of money we spent to purchase SearchExpress.

"By utilizing the ODBC lookup capability with data from our ERP system, we have reduced our scanning department by 40% and improved the accuracy of the indexes.

"Even with the reduced staff, we have added addition applications for scanning due to the flexibility and speed of setting up new databases. In the past, we had to contact the vendor and pay them expensive consulting fees to program the index structure. Now I’m able to set them up in a matter of minutes.

"I also want to thank you for the excellent technical support we received during our setup process. You and your staff were very helpful and just as important, very timely in assisting us with our setup issues. It certainly made for a smooth transition to SearchExpress."

Larry R. Fordham, Vice President – Information Technology
Waxman Consumer Products Group

Cleveland, OH

Paperless eForms

Your customers and employees can complete forms using a smartphone or PC and optionally sign their signature with their finger or mouse.

The user can attach a 3D modeling file, product specs, photo or other file to the form.

SearchExpress can also write the form data to your Human Resource, Enterprise Resource Planning or other systems and databases.

Typical eForms include:

  • Customer Orders
  • QA Tests
  • Product Specs
  • Change Orders

Manage Documents

SearchExpress lets you capture, index, track, workflow, search and manage your paper documents and your digital documents, as well as track the manufacturing status of products including:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Bills of Lading
  • Product Data Sheets
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • CAD Files
  • AP Invoices
  • Export Declarations
  • ISO 9001 Specs
  • Commercial Invoices
SearchExpress is easily integrated with your existing business-critical applications so you can share data with your other applications and view your documents from your other applications.

You can search by typing in a word or phrase. Also, you can search by highlighting a search word or phrase in your CRM, ERP, or other applications, and pressing a function key.

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Make Documents Omnipresent

In addition to searching and approving documents from your desktop PC, you can access documents from your iPad, iPhone, or Android. This means you can access your documents wherever you are, including client sites and field offices. You can make documents available for searching by your suppliers and customers, over the Internet, while keeping other documents secured for only your use.

On the assembly line or in shipping, you can use a smartphone or tablet to scan a barcode, and be shown the manufacturing or shipping documents related to that barcode.

Track Products During Manufacturing

The SearchExpress Workflow can be used to track products during manufacturing.

You can place a barcode or RFID sticker on each product, and as the product arrives at each manufacturing step, scan the sticker with a smartphone app. Then, anyone, including customers if you like, can search by order number or customer name to see the manufacturing status of each product.


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