Affordable Document Management

Use SearchExpress Document Management to scan your paper documents, and search and workflow both paper and digital documents, to save time and reduce costs like these Federal government organizations:

SearchExpress Features

Easy to Install

SearchExpress is affordable document management software that is so easy to install and use that you can rapidly deploy it in one department, or across your entire agency.

Applications include case files, AP invoices, contract management, HR, document retention, and many others.

SearchExpress has security to prevent unauthorized access, and there is a searchable audit database which shows, for all users, every document they have viewed, and every search they have performed.

Make Documents Omnipresent

In addition to searching and approving documents from your desktop PC, you can access documents from your iPad, iPhone, or Android. This means you can access your documents wherever you are, including field offices.

You can make documents available for searching by the public, over the Internet, while keeping other documents secured for only government use.

What our customers are saying

"I have worked closely with SearchExpress in support of a government agency that provides document automation services to other DoD and Federal customers. The software capabilities offer a tremendous value and functionally provide an extensive array of configurations, meeting many of today's ECM (Enterprise Content Management) requirements. Additionally, the support received before, during and after the implementations has been top-rate."

Stacey Evans, Government Contractor

Mechanicsburg, PA

The DoD Document Automation and Production Service uses SearchExpress to provide affordable "cloud computing" ECM and document management hosting for a wide variety of Air Force, Army and other DoD and Federal agencies.

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Find Out More

Manage Documents

SearchExpress lets you capture, index, route, search and manage your paper documents as well as your digital documents.

SearchExpress is easily integrated with your existing GIS, governmental or COTS applications so you can share data with your other applications and view your documents from your other applications.

You can search by typing in a word or phrase. Also, you can search by highlighting a search word or phrase in your GIS, HR, ERP, or other governmental or COTS applications, and pressing a function key.

FOIA Requests

SearchExpress lets you instantly respond to FOIA requests. SearchExpress can search scanned documents, Office documents, PDF's, emails, and digital audio and video files and provides a cross-database search to search across multiple databases with one search.


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