About Us

Established in 1984, Executive Technologies, a search engine pioneer, has been revolutionizing document management with SearchExpress. As the creators of the first full-text search engine for the PC platform, our experience and expertise have evolved to incorporate full document management and cutting-edge AI capabilities. We are proud to hold over a dozen patents that underline our commitment to innovation.

SearchExpress empowers your employees to work smarter by eliminating paper, automating business processes, and streamlining workflows. Our user-friendly and versatile software can be easily installed and scaled across departments or your entire organization without the need for costly on-site assistance.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, SearchExpress eliminates manual data entry and simplifies tasks such as automatic invoice data extraction without any AI training needed.

We have also integrated ChatGPT to enable employees and customers to ask natural language questions and receive answers from your corporate and sales documents. You get instant, accurate answers instead of a list of documents to read.

SearchExpress with ChatGPT can also summarize documents, and generate new documents.

SearchExpress is available in both Cloud and on-premises versions to suit your unique business requirements. Experience the benefits of our advanced solutions and revolutionize your document management process today.

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