Provide Document Management for your Software Clients

Could you sell more of the software you develop if you provided more document management capabilities?

If so, you can provide our SearchExpress document management software to your clients to provide features such as eForms, workflow, scanning and search. You save time and development money, by using SearchExpress to provide document management features for your clients, instead of having to develop your own document management features.

What SearchExpress Can Provide For Your Users:

  • Your clients can use SearchExpress to scan their paper documents, and search and workflow both paper and digital documents.
  • SearchExpress provides eForms, that lets your users fill out and sign eForms over the Internet or intranet, using an iPad, iPhone, Android or PC.
  • In addition to searching and approving documents from their desktop PC, your clients can access documents from their iPad, iPhone or Android. This means they can access their documents wherever they are.

Integration with your Application:

  • SearchExpress can be used in conjunction with your application, whether you have an on–premises solution or a Cloud solution.
  • When your client is in your software application, they can highlight any value, such as an employee name and press a function key to search and display any relevant document, such as an employment contract or vacation request form, without you making any programming changes to your software.
  • Or, you can use our API to search from a button in your application.
  • When scanning or completing an eForm, your clients can speed data entry by looking up information from your software application. For example, they can enter a Customer Number and use the Lookup button to fill in the customer name and address, from your application's database. There is no need for any programming changes to your software. We just make a SQL or ODBC call to your database.
  • We can install SearchExpress, using Go To Meeting, and we can train your clients. You do not need to know how to install SearchExpress nor train users.
  • We are glad to demo SearchExpress to show how SearchExpress can benefit your clients.

Find Out More


For document search features, click here.

For document scanning and indexing features, click here.

For business process automation (workflow) features, click here.

To see how SearchExpress can benefit your clients, contact us today to schedule your free remote demo.

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