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Search and Retrieval

  • In your browser, type in a search phrase, e.g., "Intel contract", and all documents containing that search phrase are shown in a hit list, including Office and other digital documents, as well as scanned documents.
  • Search documents by index fields assigned to the document, such as Document Type and Date.
  • Search documents by both content and index fields, e.g., find documents in which the Document Type field is Resume and the phrase "speech recognition" is in the text of the document.
  • SearchExpress learns as you search, and provides an Autocomplete, to suggest searches based on search history.
  • If using an iPad or smartphone, SearchExpress can use your Geolocation to narrow the search.
  • You can specify the language to use, e.g., Spanish, for the search and workflow screens.
  • SearchExpress can write a footer on Office files, including Author, Effective Date, “Approved By”, and “Checkin In By”.
  • SearchExpress can make Office files read-only.
  • You can make notes on, highlight and draw on documents.
  • You can redact documents.
  • Use your web browser to browse your documents in virtual folders, e.g., a folder for each of your clients and under each client folder a sub-folder for each document type, such as Contracts and Proposals. Index fields, such as Client Name, become virtual folders.
  • SearchExpress provides speech recognition to let you search documents using speech, instead of typing, which can be particularly handy when searching from a mobile device.
  • Enter data into eForms using speech, instead of typing, which can be particularly handy when using a mobile device.

Display Documents from Any Software Application

  • Search directly from any software application. For example, if you are in your customer management software, or A/R or A/P, just highlight a word or phrase, and press a function key to perform a SearchExpress search and display the documents containing the search phrase.

Federated Search

  • Federated Search allows you to search across multiple databases, all at one time. For example, you could have one invoice database per company division, but do a cross-database search for a particular invoice number or part number.

Make Documents Omnipresent

  • In addition to searching from your desktop PC, you can search from your iPad, iPhone or Android, over Internet or intranet. This means you can access your documents, wherever you are.
  • HTML5 search screens will resize as needed for iPad and smartphones.

Highlight Search Terms

  • Search words are highlighted, so you instantly see what you are looking for.


  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) lets you automate searches and the actions to be performed with the documents found with the search. For example, you could create a search robot (wizard) that would search for documents that have been sent to your inbasket in which the "Due Date" is "today".
  • The robot can also perform actions, such as automatically approving documents, archiving old documents, or emailing sales invoices to customers.

Geolocation and Geo-fencing

  • Use geolocation search to quickly find all planning, law enforcement, zoning, engineering and delivery documents and data for any physical location.
  • For example, a water utility worker could go to the location of a broken water pipe, and use their iPad to do a SearchExpress search, and SearchExpress would use their GPS location to find the name of people who live near the water pipe, or are served by it.
  • You can use Geo-fencing to restrict access to documents to those documents specified for a certain geographical location.

Report Writer

  • You can easily create reports in SearchExpress.
  • Once you create a report, the report can be run by choosing the report from a menu.
  • Also, you can specify that reports be emailed on a periodic basis, to selected users.
  • These could be reports, such as Month To Date (MTD) Sales By Salesperson, which would list selected fields, such as name and amount of sales MTD, for all salespeople.

Find and Replace Data

  • This gives you a batch change ability, to change some or all occurrences of a word or phrase. For example, you can find all occurrences of the word “GE” in a database, and replace each occurrence of GE with the words “General Electric”.

Copy or Move Documents from one Database to another Database

  • This gives you the ability to find documents in one database, and either copy or move them to another database.

Document Security

  • Database, folder and document-level security lets you control who has access to documents. For example, you can specify that a given user (or Windows Group of users) can view all contracts except those for Project Surveillance Drones.
  • You can use your existing Windows Active Directory logins to authenticate users, or you can allow users to use their email address and a password they create.
  • There is a searchable audit database which records the search user name and time for all searches made and all documents viewed.


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