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Eliminate paper with a digital office, to let your employees work smarter.

SearchExpress Features

Manage Documents

SearchExpress is document management software that lets you replace paper files and provides artificial intelligence to replace manual data entry.

SearchExpress lets you scan, workflow and search paper and digital documents.

SearchExpress can use Artificial Intelligence to replace manual data entry. For example, for invoices, receipts and utility bills, SearchExpress can use both Microsoft and Google AI to automatically extract the data from the documents, with no training needed.

You can capture and index emailed documents, such as invoices, from Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365 without printing or scanning them.

To view your documents, click a “View Document” button from your utility management system.

SearchExpress can be deployed on-premises or in the Cloud.


SearchExpress provides electronic forms (eForms) to let you replace paper forms.

Users can complete eForms from smartphone, tablet or PC, and optionally sign their signature.

eForms could include New Customer Applications, e-Bill authorization forms and Services Orders.

You can attach a photo, driver’s license or other file to an eForm.

For example, for a bank draft eForm, the customer could attach a photo of their check and sign the eForm.

For a meter-change-out service order completed in the field, the service rep could attach a photo of the old meter, showing the meter reading.

When completing eForms, customer data can be read from your utility management system and entered data written to your utility management system.

Replace Filing Cabinets of Customer Records

SearchExpress lets you scan your existing filing cabinets of customer records, with no data entry required. SearchExpress uses Google and Microsoft AI to train itself to automatically recognize the customer number on the different customer forms.

Then, SearchExpress uses the customer number to read the customer name, address, route and other data from your utility management system, so all the documents in the customer folder are searchable by name, address, route and other fields.

You can scan your existing customer records, or we can scan them for you.

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Manage Documents

Use SearchExpress Utility Document Management software to search, workflow and manage both digital and paper documents, to save time and money.

SearchExpress is easily integrated with your existing utility management systems so you can share data with your other applications and view your documents from your other applications.

For example, when scanning invoices, or capturing emailed invoices, you can enter a PO or Work Order number and SearchExpress can read the invoice data from your AP system.

You can search by typing in a word or phrase. Also, you can search by highlighting a search word or phrase in your utility management, AP or other applications.

You can capture and index emailed documents, such as invoices, from Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365 without printing or scanning them.


SearchExpress can automatically route documents to the appropriate person for approval or review.

This could include New Customer Applications, e-Bill authorization forms, and Services Orders completed in the field by a service rep, such as a meter change out order.

You can make notes on, highlight and draw on documents.

Each user can use their web browser to see an "inbasket" of all documents sent to them.

Also, the users can automatically be sent an email for each document, and view or edit the document from their iPhone, Android, iPad or PC.

SearchExpress eForms lets you replace paper forms, such as service orders. You can complete, route and approve eForms from your browser.


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