Smartphone and Smart Speaker Digital Assistant

Provides Speech Queries of Your Business's Data

AI Digital Assistant

Smartphone and Smart Speaker Digital Assistant for Voice Queries of Your Business's Data.

The SearchExpress Voice Digital Assistant, Cyber Express (TM), provides speech queries of your business’s data.

Cyber Express is a smart speaker and smartphone digital assistant that lets you verbally ask questions and get verbal responses of your business’s information, from your smart speaker or smartphone.

You can start Cyber Express by saying to your smart speaker or smartphone, "Hey Google, Talk to Cyber Express".

This is similar to using Siri or Google Assistant for voice queries, except the query is a search of your own SearchExpress database of documents.

The voice assistant works for both regular SearchExpress databases and natural-language SearchExpress databases.

Natural Language Processing Allows Free-Form Questions to be Answered

You can verbally ask questions and hear answers derived by using artificial intelligence to process your business's information.

You can ask:

“What is the inflation clause in the Smith Company contract”, and hear and see the answer:

“Price is adjusted once a year by Consumer Price Index percentage”.

You can ask, “When will my Surface Widget 5 ship?”, and hear and see (if your device has a display screen) the answer “July 21, 2022”, without having to view the full document.

You can ask "When is the next garbage pickup?" and hear and see the answer "Tomorrow", without having to view the document.

Your employees and customers can speak questions and hear and see answers derived by artificial intelligence natural language processing of your engineering documents, HR documents, policy and procedure manuals, contracts, A/P invoices, sales orders and schedules.

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