AI Digital Assistant

Find Answers From Your Documents

"Like ChatGPT and Siri but you are searching your own documents"

Speak your Question or Type in your Question

SearchExpress Cyber (TM) is a conversational digital assistant that lets you ask questions and get responses of your business’s information, from your smartphone or PC.

You can also view the full document, including PDF, Word and Excel files.

This is similar to using Siri, Google Assistant or ChatGPT for queries, except the query is a search of your own SearchExpress database of documents.

You can ask:

“What is the inflation clause in the Smith Company contract”, and see or hear the answer:

“Price is adjusted once a year by Consumer Price Index percentage”.

Or, if you do not want to use voice, you can type in the search query and see (instead of hear) the results.

Either way, you get the answer without having to view the document, but you can also touch a thumbnail to view the entire document.

Natural Language Processing Allows Free-Form Questions to be Answered

You can ask questions and hear answers derived by using artificial intelligence to process your business's information.

You can ask, “When will my Surface Widget 5 ship?”, and get the answer “August 21, 2022”.

You can ask "When is the next garbage pickup?" and get the answer "Tomorrow".

If Quantum Technologies asks if you have paid their invoice number 123456 and what is the check number, you can say "123456" and hear the answer, "check number 987654".

Your employees and customers can ask questions and get answers derived by artificial intelligence natural language processing of your engineering documents, HR documents, policy and procedure manuals, contracts, A/P invoices, sales orders and schedules.

SearchExpress is available in Cloud and on-premises versions.

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