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"Find answers, understand key points, or generate new documents"

ChatGPT integrated with Document Management

We are excited to announce the integration of SearchExpress Document Management software with ChatGPT, a powerful language model developed by OpenAI. This integration brings a host of new capabilities to SearchExpress Document Management, including question answering from your own corporate documents, document summarization, and new document generation.

With the ChatGPT integration, you can now ask natural language questions about your documents and receive answers in seconds. Imagine being able to ask, "What is the status of project X?" and instantly receiving a summary of the latest updates from all relevant documents. Or, asking "What are the key findings from this report?" and receiving a concise summary of the most important information.

ChatGPT allows SearchExpress to answer questions based on the content of your corporate documents.

This means that you can quickly find answers to questions without having to manually search through your documents. Whether you need to know the status of a project or the details of a customer order, SearchExpress/ChatGPT can provide the answers you need.

Use ChatGPT to analyze documents

Use ChatGPT to populate fielded data from images and documents

For example, extract patient names and procedure codes from medical records.

Use ChatGPT to analyze images

SearchExpress can rapidly analyze large volumes of images and documents, such as those used in quality control, medical diagnostics, or surveillance.

Search Video and Audio Files

SearchExpress can use AI to automatically generate very accurate transcripts of training videos, Zoom meetings, and other video and audio files.

You can search by words and phrases to see which videos contain that search phrase and go directly in the video to where the words are spoken.

AI-Generated Summaries

SearchExpress lets you easily grasp the key points of your videos, audios, Word, PDF and other documents with automatic summaries.

Automated Translation

SearchExpress can automatically translate the text for any document, e.g., Spanish to English or English to Spanish.

Why you need SearchExpress if you are using ChatGPT

Feature Comparison

ChatGPT by Itself SearchExpress/ChatGPT
Search Features
For question answering, ChatGPT does not search your corporate documents. ChatGPT searches only documents it found on the Internet. SearchExpress/ChatGPT searches your corporate documents, and will search across millions of corporate documents in seconds.
Prompt Creation and Hallucination
For ChatGPT by itself, you have to create the ChatGPT prompts, which can be hard to do to get the best results. SearchExpress/ChatGPT creates the prompts for you.
For ChatGPT by itself, you do not have control over the level of accuracy of answers versus the creativity of answers. When ChatGPT provides the wrong answer, this is called hallucination. SearchExpress/ChatGPT lets you control the level of accuracy versus creativity for answers and generated documents by specifying the ChatGPT "Temperature" setting
Document Summarization
ChatGPT can summarize only one document at a time. SearchExpress/ChatGPT can summarize multiple documents at a time, into one summary document.
For summarization, ChatGPT's most affordable version (3.5) is limited to some 3,000 words (4,000 tokens), so this means it cannot summarize long documents. For summarization, SearchExpress/ChatGPT (even if using most affordable version of ChatGPT) can summarize long documents, there is no page limit.
Document Generation
ChatGPT can generate a new document from only one reference document at a time. SearchExpress/ChatGPT can generate a new document using multiple references documents at a time.
For document generation, ChatGPT's most affordable version (3.5) is limited to some 3,000 words (4,000 tokens), so this means it cannot read a long reference document you provide. For document generation, SearchExpress/ChatGPT (even if using most affordable version of ChatGPT) can handle long documents, there is no document size limit.
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