Easy-to-Use Artificial Intelligence

Use artificial intelligence to reduce costs and improve operations

SearchExpress Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence for Invoice and Form Recognition

    For invoices SearchExpress can use both Microsoft and Google AI to automatically extract the data on the invoices, with no training needed.

    These can be emailed invoices or scanned invoices, as shown below.

    This automatic form recognition can be used for any type of form, such as scanned or emailed medical forms and HR forms. The form data can be extracted and the data passed to your EMR or HR system.

    You can search the documents by this data and use this data to route the documents in a workflow.

Natural Language Processing Allows Questions to be Answered

SearchExpress Natural Language Q&A lets employees and customers query databases of contracts, HR documents, engineeering documents, and invoices and get answers.

You can ask questions and receive short answers to the questions, instead of a list of documents you have to read.

For example, you can ask:

“What is the inflation clause in the Smith Company contract”, and get the answer:

“Price is adjusted once a year by Consumer Price Index percentage”, without having to view a document.

You can ask, “When will the Surface Widget 5 ship?”, and get the answer “Surface Widget 5 is available December 1, 2021 in the US”, without having to view a document.

This natural language AI could also be used instead of a list of questions and answers in a FAQ or chat box for your web site.

Pre-Trained AI

SearchExpress pre-trained AI provides a group of pre-trained AI-powered parsers that take documents in a wide variety of formats and populate the data into a database.

These document types include:

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Health Insurance Cards
  • Passports
  • Covid Vaccination Forms
  • W9's
  • W2's
  • 1099's
  • 1040's
  • Utility Statements
  • Credit Card Slips
  • Pay Slips
  • Bank Statements
  • Driver's Licenses

You can also train your own forms.

Making AI Easy and Affordable

In the past, AI has required expensive experts to implement. With SearchExpress, this barrier is now eliminated. Our AI software is so easy to use it makes AI available to all and can be configured in just a few hours.

By combining content management with AI, SearchExpress allows you to classify and organize content and improve productivity of people and equipment.

You can automatically route (workflow) documents and photos to appropriate personnel based on AI determined content.

You can search for all documents by artificial-intelligence determined content.

SearchExpress can be deployed on-premises or in the Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence

SearchExpress AI can be customized for your business to perform actions outside of it's pre-trained usages, such as extracting data from any form.

Why you need AI

The market for AI is driven by the desire to save time and reduce costs, as well as by the need to make better and quicker decisions.

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