Little Professor - Revolutionizing Test Creation & Grading

A ChatGPT-based AI tool that creates, distributes and grades tests for any subject and grade level

Little Professor AI

Little Professor - Using AI to improve Education and Training.

Test Creation

Effortlessly create test questions for any subject and grade level.

Create answer sheets also.

Optionally create questions based on your own study material.

Also, create questions based on any image you upload.

Save time and energy with AI-generated questions.

Test Distribution

Easily distribute tests to selected students or classes.

Test Grading

Automatically grade student answers using ChatGPT.

Improve efficiency and accuracy in grading.

Generate Study Materials

Easily generate new study material or upload existing study material.

Generate personalized study material for each student based on their test results.

Try It!

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Little Professor is the latest AI based product from the developers of SearchExpress Document Management.

Or, for individual learning, try the free Little Professor Personal Tutor, which is a ChatGPT GPT, by clicking here.

How It Works

Step 1: Create Test Questions

Ask Little Professor to generate questions for any subject and grade level (e.g., "Create ten questions for a first grade history test on the War of 1812"). Little Professor uses ChatGPT to generate the test questions and answer sheets.

Optionally, upload your own study material and have Little Professor generate questions based on it.

Step 2: Distribute Test to Students

Share the tests with your students through the Cloud.

Step 3: Student Answers

Students use Little Professor to answer the questions.

Step 4: Automatic Grading

Little Professor provides the student's answers to ChatGPT and asks it to grade the answers.

Graded test questions are saved to Little Professor for review and further analysis.

Step 5: Optionally Generate Course Material

Easily generate new study material and lesson plans for any subject and grade level, if needed.

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