Unlock the Full Potential of Your Video and Audio Content

Effortlessly search and summarize your videos and audios with our AI-powered solution

Key Features:

Natural Language Search

Effortlessly search your videos and audios using intuitive, natural language queries to quickly locate relevant information and see or hear that part of the video or audio.

Whisper Transcription

Leverage Whisper's advanced speech-to-text technology to automatically generate accurate transcripts of your media content, such as training videos, lectures, podcasts, webinars, Zoom meetings, etc.

AI-Generated Summaries

Easily grasp the key points of your videos and audios with smart summaries, powered by ChatGPT, e.g., to summarize audio and video medical records.

Use ChatGPT to populate fielded data from audio and video

For example, extract patient name and diagnosis from audio and video medical records.

Automated Table of Contents & Indexing

Efficiently navigate your videos and audios with automatically generated tables of contents and indexes.


Boost Productivity

Find the information you need from videos and audios with watching or listening to the whole content.

For example, a user can type a natural language query such as "Where is high-temperature fuse on Mercedes-Benz GT-53" and get the answer: "This fuse is located under the glove compartment". If the user clicks to view the video, the user is taken directly to the part of the video that demonstrates how to replace the fuse.

Enhance Collaboration

Improve communication and knowledge sharing across teams and departments.

Drive Informed Decisions

Extract valuable insights from video and audio content for marketing, sales, product development, and more.

How It Works

Upload Your Videos and Audios
Easily upload your media content to SearchExpress.
Generate Transcripts with Whisper
Experience accurate, automated transcription for your videos and audios using state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology. This can also translate the text to English.
Search, Summarize, and Index
Employ our ChatGPT powered tools to search transcripts with natural language queries, generate summaries, and create tables of contents and indexes.
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