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SearchExpress Features

ChatGPT integrated with Document Management

SearchExpress uses ChatGPT to let employees and customers ask natural languages questions and get answers from your corporate and sales documents.

You get answers to the questions, instead of a list of documents to read.

You can ask:

“What is the inflation clause in the Smith Company contract”, and get the answer:

“Price is adjusted once a year by Consumer Price Index percentage”, without having to view a document.

In addition to question answering, ChatGPT can summarize documents and generate new documents based on the content of your documents.

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Use Artificial Intelligence to Replace Manual Data Entry

Say goodbye to manual data entry and endless searching for important documents. With SearchExpress Document Management, you can automate the process of extracting data from your invoices, receipts, contracts, health insurance cards, passports, driver's licenses, mortgage statements, and more.

Our advanced system utilizes AI technology to automatically extract data from a wide range of document types. No AI training needed!

With SearchExpress, you can easily:

  • Automate data extraction from your documents
  • Pass the data to your ERP system
  • Streamline your document management process

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What our customers are saying

"I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love SearchExpress!"

Lennie Stanfield

Exyte is a global leader in design, engineering services and delivery of facilities for high-tech industries

"We sure love SearchExpress. It has done wonders for us. Thanks for all of your help!

Grant Ely, Chief Operating Officer
North Idaho Dermatology

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Document Management Examples

Invoice Approval Software - You can capture, OCR, workflow and approve your Accounts Payable invoices.

You can import your sales invoices and then batch email your sales invoices to your clients.

You can save emails, Word and other Office documents directly to SearchExpress from your browser, without printing or scanning them.

Capture Documents

SearchExpress document scanning capability lets you capture, index, route, and search your scanned documents as well as your digital documents.

You can scan documents with any TWAIN compliant scanner, or use an MFP copier.

Automate Business Processes

Enhance productivity through automated task delegation for efficient approval and completion.

For instance, SearchExpress can intelligently distribute invoices to appropriate managers for approval.

Managers can conveniently approve invoices using their web browsers or dedicated smartphone applications.

SearchExpress ensures seamless information exchange between your decision-makers, regardless of location or device.

The SearchExpress document management software enables seamless workflow integration for PDFs, Word, Excel, audio, and video files

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Smartphone Approval and Receipt Apps

Use our Smartphone Approval App to approve invoices.

Use our Smartphone Receipt App to take a photo of receipts.


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